Often small mistakes that may exist in your e-commerce business operations or at the technical level may cost you new orders. Because could confuse or make visitors uncomfortable. So making small changes or improvements to your online store could have a high impact on performance. Small fixes you can increase conversion rates, like add to cart events, purchase events, etc.

Email notifications from an e-commerce store

Automatic or transactional emails are sent from a web application to users after taking specific actions in real-time. For an online store, the case could be an order confirmation email, sending a discount code after subscribing to the newsletter,etc..

If these emails go directly in the spam folder, this could be a problem because a client would not be informed on related info events about his order.  There are many reasons that these kinds of notifications are marked as spam, one of them is when a website site is hosted on a server with many other sites exist that are spamming constantly.

So the entire IP address may have entered on the blacklist from an email provider like Gmail etc. If you want to check for such problems, you enter your domain or IP to this service email checker. If the problem exists, a solution is to use an external transactional email provider.

If your IP address is not in blacklists then another possible reason that your email goes spam folders is the misconfigured DNS records. That means the more important DNS records for sending email are not there the Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF).

Order confirmation and order returns experience

Fulfilling orders and shipping them from your warehouse is important operation ecommerce business. So achieving fast delivery time to customers and it is of part user experience and retention. When products are available should be shipped the same day or at the latest next day after your customer place the order. Shipping products and handling order return experiences are important logistic functions.

Once I had placed orders same date to different online stores, choosing pay on arrival method. I wanted to see delivery time, 2 of them dispatch parcels immediately, the third one called me the next day, but I did not answer because i couldn't. Next day I had some tasks to complete in my work and I didn't answer immediately. When i call back later I realized that they just wanted to make confirmation of the order through the phone.

The weekend was coming, the next day was Saturday and parcels from the other two stores arrived the third one has a result delay one week. During this period various conditions may change, such as I found the same product at a lower price, so I canceled the order. Handling fulfilling in a short period is an operation that a store owner should give extra attention.

Shipping Rates

There are times when upon arrival of a parcel, the final total price may be different from the one we saw at the checkout page. This could happen when we place an order with pay on arrival option. One case could that an order could be placed with a free fee shipping day at an online store. But when receive the parcel on the receipt you may see extra shipping costs have been having been charged.

Also despite the fact that the cost of courier is usually low around 4 or 7 euros, but the lack of precision can damages. This on the credibility of the store and not only this, but someone may not order again.

A good looking theme

As for theme design, a well-designed online store with advanced UX could make the difference. There are a lot of free themes in well-known e-commerce website builder for small business but taking a premium theme or even ordering a professional web design theme with a unique design can increase your conversion rates. A ecommerce does not a super impressive teme but one with smooth browsing and filtering elements this could branding also.